8 tips for warm hikes

There is no doubt that nothing can ruin a great hike in the woods like being cold. Dressing properly when going for a hike in the woods is crucial for having a good experience. Heat Experience has therefore created a practical guide on how to dress appropriately when venturing out in the cold, without having to constantly change clothes. With our guide, you don't have to worry about freezing on your hike. We will show you how to dress warmly and correctly, and the best part is - it doesn't necessarily involve using battery-powered heated clothing, even though few things beat the luxury of being able to regulate the heat in your garments instead of constantly putting on and taking off layers throughout the trip.

Here are our 8 tips for warm hikes in Norwegian nature.

  1. Dress in multiple layers of clothing, always wearing wool closest to your body.
  2. On top of wool, you should have technical garments that protect against weather and wind and/or our products that generate heat. It's important to choose clothes that ventilate excess heat and moisture.
  3. Always wear a hat when it's cold.
  4. Keep your hands warm! On the coldest winter days, mittens are recommended instead of gloves. Check out our All Mountain Heated Gloves or Everyday Heated Mittens. Don't bring too much with you on the hike.
  5. A large and heavy backpack makes you sweat and struggle more than necessary. Pack lightly!
  6. Most people stay warm when they are in motion. The most critical period is when you sit down for a break or, for example, during hunting. If you combine a warm and sweaty body with slightly damp clothes, it quickly becomes cold! With battery-powered heated garments, you can dry your clothes during the break instead of changing into new clothes. This saves both time and energy.
  7. Eat well during the hike. Your body needs energy to stay warm.
  8. Use large shoes that have room for wool and/or heated insoles. A well-known military trick is to use bread bags in your shoes. But we definitely prefer heated insoles.